Board of Directors

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Beau Underwood, Chair - Jefferson City, MO

Khalia J. Williams, Vice Chair - Atlanta, GA

Bill Bailey, Secretary - Fullerton, CA

Vicki Batzka - Lexington, KY

H. Ben Bohren - Palm Springs, CA

Jean Ellen Cowgill - Washington, DC

Yvonne Gilmore - Chicago, IL

Lonora Graves - Sacramento, CA

Sarah Little - Fayetteville, AR

Billie Lynch - Ormand Beach, FL

Santiago Piñon - Fort Worth, TX

Pam Sparks - Richardson, TX

Tevita Uesi - Claremont, CA

Jon Berquist, ex officio, Council of Theological Education - Claremont, CA

Kelly Thompson, ex officio, Council of Colleges & Universities - Canton, MO

Terri Hord Owens, ex officio, General Minister & President - Indianapolis, IN