Leadership Fellows Program 2018 Application

Thank you for your interest in HELM’s Leadership Fellows Program (LFP). Here, you will find instructions and steps to successfully complete your application.
Our mission is to work with wider church and higher education partners to develop and nurture Christian leaders who are transforming church, society, and world. Our goal is to nurture those who will lead the next generation of Christian community and witness, and who will engage in both the creation of new communities and the renewal of existing ones.
There are four (4) sections to the application. Please, familiarize yourself with the Application Instructions and proceed to complete each section. Note that you do not have to complete all four (4) sections at once; however, each individual section must be completed in a single session. All materials - including online application, statements and essays, all reference letters, and transcripts - must be received by the deadline for your application to be considered complete.
All materials are due electronically by Monday April 16, 2018 CST or postmarked by Monday April 16, 2018 for mail mail submissions, where applicable.
First, download and read the instructions carefully. Then, click on each button to access and complete the appropriate section of the application. At any point, contact Eli Rolón Jeong (applications@helmdisciples.org) with questions or help requests.

Section I asks for your general profile, including information such as your date of birth, high school info, church info, and parent(s)' information. Refer to the Application Instructions liked above for a complete checklist of the information you will need to complete this section. This sections should take no more than 20 to 25 minutes to complete.

Section II gives you instructions to submit your personal statements. The first is a list of leadership roles you've held in church, school and the community. The second is a response to one of three essays. Refer to the Application Instructions liked above for full details.

Section III asks for the name and contact information for each of your 3 references: Pastor, Teacher and Community Member. Do not forget to furnish each reference with the instructions, which you can download here.

Section IV gives you instructions for submitting official transcripts from your high school.