Leadership Fellows Program 2017 Application - Section II

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Personal Statements

Please, make sure to use the same email for all four sections.

Leadership Roles

List positions of leadership you have held in your home congregation, at school, work, or regional or general expressions of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). Where applicable, indicate date range or participation and a very brief description of the leadership role. You can type your answer in the text area below or attach a PDF or MS Word document (file type .pdf, .doc or .docx).


Answer one (1) of the following questions in no more than 500 words. You can type your answer in the text area below or attach a PDF or MS Word document (file type .pdf, .doc or .docx).

  1. Many younger Christians feel frustrated by their local congregations. Briefly describe a Christian community you would like to be part of in 10 years. What is this community's purpose? Who is included? What binds them together? How do they bear one another’s burdens? How are they involved in social transformation?
  1. A growing number of people in North America identify their religious affiliation as "none," or say they are spiritual, but not religious. Why do you think this is? What can Christian communities offer that is unique?
  1. The World is connected through technology and social media; however, misunderstanding and cultural barriers continue to be prevalent. How does your understanding of global awareness contribute to being a well-rounded leader? What does it mean to be globally aware? What is lost when a leader is not globally aware? What is most important in this formation?

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