The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) counts on fourteen colleges & universities providing ample opportunity for students to get involved in the community, explore personal faith, and connect to new ideas and perspectives.

You'll find diverse student groups on our campuses: Democrats, Republicans, Tea Party members, independents; Asian Student Associations, Black Student Unions, Latino Student Associations, International Student Organizations; Gay-Straight Alliances and LGBT groups; and faith-based groups representing Muslim, Jewish, Mormon, Catholic, Episcopal, Baptist, and other denominations.

Check out our Disciples Schools Digital Viewbook (click to enlarge):

What does it mean to be a college or university of The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)?

That's a reasonable question. The 14 schools, while diverse, have a number of things in common:

  • A commitment to academic excellence and the liberal arts;
  • An environment of open inquiry;
  • An inclusive, welcoming community that respects all people and cultures;
  • A focus on character, service, and leadership; and
  • A passion for social justice.

You'll find students and faculty with strong values and faith. You'll also notice a philosophy of faith paired with reason: The best learning and personal growth occur when the intellectual and spiritual are combined.