The Leadership Fellows Program responds to rapidly changing contexts for Christian Leadership. With guidance from expert coaches and mentors, Leadership Fellows directly engage the ministry of emerging and renewing local Christian communities across North America.

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Eligibility Requirements:

  • Active membership in a Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) congregation
  • Entering their first year of Undergraduate studies in the Fall of 2018
    (Unfortunately, we cannot accept applicants who are current college students.)
  • Demonstrated leadership qualities in school, community, and church contexts.

Application Requirements:
(This is intended as an overview. Please, proceed to Application Page for full instructions.)

  • A quick, online application
  • A short essay
  • Official Transcripts
  • 3 letters of recommendation (one each: from a pastor, a teacher, and a supervisor)

Fellows participate in annual retreats providing an opportunity to share with one another and strengthen their newly learned skills. Additionally, Fellows will have the opportunity to engage other Fellows through virtual meetings and discussions, prepare and present presentations on relevant topics, and meet with the most creative and faithful leaders from across the whole church.

While the Leadership Fellows Program does include a grant, it is not primarily a scholarship program. Instead, the program aims to develop leaders through an intentional focus on four major areas:

Year 01 Community


During their first year, Fellows will:

learn to sustain community through family and groups.

engage the collaborative role of bearing one another's burdens.

gain a deeper knowledge of the centrality of Christ and the interdependence of the people within a community.

Year 01 Community


During their second year, Fellows will:

study faith-based initiatives and their impact in the local community.

understand the milestones and hinderances of faithfully and purposefully renewing and transforming communities.

develop their own sense of timely transformative engagement.

Year 03 Global Awareness


During their third year, Fellows will:

experience a distinct context through a cultural immersion trip.

study the obligations and responsibilities of faithful leadership in a global and interconnected world.

learn to authentically and effectively stand in solidarity with those from different contexts.

Year 01 Community


During their fourth year, Fellows will:

purposefully study virtues valuable for engaging a fulfilling calling.

strengthen their leadership formation by closely working with a local pastor, chaplain, non-profit leader, or other community leader.